Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Registration is Open

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RTC North America 2013
Registration is Open!
 Westin Bayshore Hotel and Conference Center
Vancouver British Columbia, Canada
Thursday 11th - Saturday 13th, July 2013

Greetings everyone! The 3rd North American conference is well ahead of last year in terms of sponsorship and booth selections. As a result we've slightly re-configured the exhibition area so that it's open and facing the large gallery and salon area (p. 32). This will also allow us to add a few more exhibition booths. Here are a few of the statistics for RTC 2013 so far:

- 1/3 of booths already reserved or on hold
- 3 Silver Sponsors are taken
- We received over 250 abstracts from around the world
- 70 Speakers / 90 Classes
- Projecting 440 attendees and delegates
We're making a few changes this year as well. We've added a Construction stream to this years conference as well as Friday's "Small Firm" track that is focused on remaining highly competitive as a small, nimble firm. Here's what a few past delegates and sponsors have to say about RTC:
“We can attribute $50,000 in sales directly from our participation in RTC. RTC has the right people at the right time with the perfect environment.”
- Lonnie Cumpton Co-Founder BIM9

“As far as content goes, Revit Technology Conference is the next step above.”
- Robert Yori, SOM
“RTC is a very focused event, if you are in the BIM & Revit space, this is where you need to be”

“We feel strongly enough about the quality of the RTC Events that we are participating in all the events in 2013” 
- Dan Dolan, 4D Technologies
Finally, please take special note of our new "Sponsor Success Story" opportunities for 2013. The specifics of this Bronze and higher sponsorship are indicated in the prospectus (p. 3 and 20). This is your opportunity to market and highlight your solution with your successful customer(s)!
Registration is now open and links to the prospectus and registration are above. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Sincerely -

Phil Read and Jim Balding
Sponsorship Managers - North America
Ps. My kids want to go just to see if JamesV will cannon ball over them into the pool like last year. :) So I'm bringing the family!


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